Recently, the South Jersey Master’s Soccer League (SJMSL) managers voted almost unanimously to only allow relegation in the Global Division if a fifth division is created.  Relegation has been used in three of the four divisions in order to promote competitive balance within the league, and was considered for the fourth (Global) division for the upcoming season as more teams have applied for entry into the league.  Due to the overwhelming votes to only allow relegation if a 5th division is created, South Jersey Master’s Soccer League will not implement relegation in the Global Division unless a 5th division is created.  Many votes came with suggestions, which were all considered.  In order to continue to grow the league, if a 5th division cannot be created, additional teams may be added to the Global Division.  This would create bye weeks for each team, and teams in the Global Division would not play all other teams twice.  The league would like to say thank you to all of the managers that took the time to vote on this very important decision.

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