Promotion has been secured and relegation finalized for 10 of the 12 teams destined to move divisions

In the American Division, Deptford B and Haddon Township continue to battle for the top spot.  Both teams will finish in the top (2), but all eyes are on their match against one another this Sunday at Haddon Township’s home field (Recchino Turf Field), which could be the ultimate decider of who will be crowned the Champion of the SJMSL this year.  The (2) dominate foes have (3) games each in total left to play.  Cherry Hill FC and Berlin Boro will relegate to the National Division.

In the National Division, Glassboro has dominated, with only one loss to date, has officially clinched the number (1) spot and will promote to the American Division with (4) games remaining to play.  Clayton FC and Lumberton United FC continue to battle for the 2nd seed.  Clayton has  a (4) point lead with a game in hand, with (4) games remaining, Lumberton with (3).  Laurel Springs will relegate to the Continental  after a poor showing.  Deptford, currently down by (2) points in the standings with (3) games left to play, and Hainesport, who only has (1) game left to play, battle it out for the right to stay put in the National Division.

In the Continental Division, Deptford C and Voorhees B continue to battle it out for top of table rights, both with (2) games left.  Deptford C can clinch with (1) win, barring Voorhees B’s ability to makeup a (15) goal differential in the final (2) games.  Both teams have secured promotion to the National Division in the fall.  Voorhees and Medford couldn’t find their way out of the bottom, and will be relegated to the Global Division.

In the Global Division, Winslow Classics has clinched the number (1) spot to promote to the Continental Division with (2) games remaining.  Willingboro FC put up a good fight, but is unable to reach the top of the table with (2) games remaining.  They have clinched the 2nd seed and will be promoting to the Continental Division as well.

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