It was a thrilling Sunday morning for South Jersey Master‘s Soccer League, as Haddon Twp. squared off against Deptford B in a highly contested matchup. The two teams have been battling for top of the table honors and were neckandneck prior to the match. In the end, Haddon Twp. secured a hardfought victory, giving them the retention of the topofthetable title. With only two games remaining, Haddon Twp. has the opportunity to secure the title with just one more victory. It promises to be an exciting finish to the regular season.  Deptford B has put up a strong fight, however, Haddon Twp. has been stronger, particularly throughout the second half of the season. Undeterred by their defeat, Deptford B has their eyes set on securing two more wins with hopes of a Haddon Twp. unlikely slip.  This weeks matchup will be critical for both teams, as it will decide whether or not Haddon Twp. secures the championship title. 

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  1. Spectator on June 22, 2023 at 2:44 pm

    Two questionable PK calls for both of HT’s Goals…… Good hard fought game, but a tough way to lose!

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