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Our Mission

The South Jersey Master's League is a premier men's over 35 league.  SJMSL's mission is to provide a safe and competitive environment for over 35 men's soccer players to come together and demonstrate their passion for the game, while upholding values of sportsmanship and respect among all participants. We strive to promote positive competition that encourages our players to remain physically active and continue to play at a high level as they progress in age.

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What People are saying about SJMSL

SJMSL hasn't forgotten about us old guys.  Even though the league is for guys over 35, the competition is high, play is skillful, and the comradery is great, making every game exciting!

Sunday soccer in South Jersey has been a fixture in my family's life since I was a kid.  I grew up watching my Dad and my Uncles play in the SJMSL, and now I have joined.  I even got to field an entire season with my father still on the team.  Great memories made!

When I finished up at college, I thought my 11 v 11 playing career was finished.  Now in my late 30's, when I heard about the South Jersey Master's, I immediately wanted to join.  It took me a little bit of time to get back into soccer shape, and my skills have definitely diminished a bit from my college days, but this league has helped to bring me back to the game I love so much!

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