Upon review of your team’s roster and identification documents for the Spring 2023 season, it has come to our attention that you are an ineligible player.  The attached identification was uploaded by you as part of the TeamSnap registration.  Based upon your actual birth year of 1991, your are ineligible to be rostered and play in the South Jersey Masters Soccer League.

Upon further review of your team’s roster from the Fall 2022 season, it appears you were also rostered, but with a listed birth year of 1981, which was clearly used make you appear eligible.  The Moorestown III team was discussed by the committee members on several occasions during the Fall 2022 season for complaints from other teams for suspected use of players well below the eligible age limit.  No action was taken at the time, as there was no concrete proof that underage players were rostered on your team.   Based upon the evidence we now have on hand, the committee has determined that an appropriate punishment be levied against Moorestown 3 for what we feel is a blatant effort to roster an ineligible player to gain an unfair playing advantage.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the league and in fairness to your opponents who have gone to great lengths to field eligible rosters, the committee has decided that Moorestown III will be required to forfeit all wins and draws for the Fall 2022 season.  The team’s adjusted record will be 0  wins,  13 losses and 0 draws.

We hope that Philip will take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure that your team is compliant with the league’s eligibility requirements going forward.

SJMSL Disciplinary Committee

Matt Baker, Matt Connor, Ron Duzenski, and Michael Hines

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