SJMSL has positioned itself to no longer accept the possibility of underage players.  The Disciplinary Committee has come down with harsh consequences for the offense.  With the much anticipated reorganization and technology updates of the league, playing underage is not only no longer a possibility, but carries enormous consequences for the teams that allow it.

The recent decision by the SJMSL Disciplinary Committee to come down hard on underage players has had serious consequences. For Moorestown III, the team has to forfeit the fall season due to fielding underage players. This is a severe consequence reserved for teams found in breach of the rules and highlights the importance that the committee places on enforcing the regulations of the league. The committee‘s decision to take firm action against teams who field underage players sends a strong message that rulebreaking will not be tolerated. It serves as a reminder that safety and security must always come first, and that teams must abide by the rules in order to remain in the league. Hopefully the message has been heard loud and clear, and teams are now more likely to ensure that all their players are of age as per the leagues guidelines.  

The good news is, most of the teams in our league comply.  The teams that were placed in a position to lose to a team that knowingly fielded underage players now have 3-0 wins for those games.  This should help in the efforts of the league to keep all teams true to the rules!

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  1. Bill MacDonald on March 6, 2023 at 12:03 am

    Well done Benjamin and the committee. The person who runs that team has been fielding underage players for decades (literally)!

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