Dates for players

  1. Spring 2023 starts on 03/05/2023 and ends on 06/25/2023.
  2. The last day for makeups is 07/02/2023.
  3. Some teams elected to postpone Mother's Day games until 06/28/2023.
  4. Tentatively, we are exploring the idea of a (3) week champions league tournament at the end of the season.  Games would be scheduled for the (3) weeks following makeups and would be played at night to avoid heat/weather issues.  Stay Tuned!
  5. All teams must register have their players register for TeamSnap prior to them taking the field for any game.  See link below.
  6. Registration for Fall 2023 will open in July, all players will need to turn 35 years of age before 06/31/2024 to be eligible.

If you have been requested by a team manager, click the link below to register.

You can now see live schedules for your division, team, and referees.  Check out our league schedules!